What is Self-Optimization?

Automatic optimization 24/7

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Optimization is about finding the right settings for thousands of parameters and for thousands of devices. If it was not enough, you have to dig into millions and millions of data just to understand which parameters and which settings to apply.

Today with the complexity of networks this task is simply impossible to realize without a software doing Automatic Optimization. This class of products is called Self-Optimizing Networks or Self Organizing Networks S.O.N

WPOTECH provides one the fastest solution on the market, equipped with a Machine Learning engine.

Why Optimization is important?

The Tip of the iceberg

Reducing optimization cost w/out wpotech software

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Companies are often facing the challenges of having to further reduce their cost. Operators always have big operating cost and could be tempted to slash optimization cost for instance.

Cellular Operators large and small struggle to get good return on investment coming from optimization, and sometimes the compromise of keeping this activity a priority seems too expensive, compared to marketing or advertising campaign expenses. In fact, in today's competitive market this is certainly a false good idea. Bad optimization always results in quality of communications degradation which sooner rather than later translate into loss of revenues through churn increase and customer base shrinking

You now have a great alternative in terms of ROI (return on investment), with our products. Either multiple your team power with our optimSuite or our 24/7 Automatic Optimization S.O.N product.

The Data storm

There are now more mobile connections to the Internet than from PC's

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There is an explosion of the volume of data carried through mobile networks, due to a large part by the popularity and success of smartphones and tablets.This is a worldwide phenomenon quickly named "Data Storm" a terminology that describes accurately how much a huge problem this is for mobile networks.

The Data Storm is largely due to the huge increase in the use of social networking apps which generates volumes of data

Today the challenge is to be able to address this issue without big investment in infrastructures, and preserving revenues, that's where WPOTECH solutions can help.

Operators Challenges

operating cost
operation time

Organization in Silos

Legacy infrastructure built with separate I.T, engineering and operations creates inflexible silos of specialized skills.

Cost & Complexity

Buying, deploying, managing and scaling mobile network infrastructure is expensive and time consuming.

No Time for improvement

Operations are time consuming. Quality suffers when engineers spends a majority of time dealing with operational issues.

Networks are now going into a transformation where telecommunications and IT will go through a fusion with virtualization and cloud technology. WPOTECH will be able to help customers thru this transformation, ensuring that optimization and communication quality still get delivered

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