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We have a competitive solution to make networks more efficient

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There is an explosion of data

Due in large part to the popularity and success of smartphones and tablets

A global phenomenon

Everywhere mobile carriers are challenged to react quickly. It's no secret that many mobile operators large and small are struggling to adapt their infrastructure to this new deal

WPOTECH offers a low cost alternative

Vendors are pushing infrastructure investment but with a software solution you can control costs. That's our solution

With WPOTECH software solutions, cellular networks operators can now maximize their current infrastructure and limit the huge investment necessary to grow the network infrastructure.

Huge amount of data carried through the mobile network happens to also generates an equally huge amount of control data.

WPOTECH designed a software solution based on Big Data and Machine Learning to analyze and make use of these control data. The result is a better performance of your network and a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.

What is Optimization?

It's simply means Efficiency

A mobile communication network is made of different devices or nodes, processing, routing or switching data.

Like this device called a radio network controller, they contains many electronics boards with dedicated processors.Many parameters are necessary to be set in order for this devices to work correctly.

Optimization is, simply put, fine tuning those parameters to always have the device configure in a most efficient way. But what if you have to do that for thousands of devices 24/7? WPOTECH software products just do that.

What is Self-Optimization?

Automatic optimization 24/7

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Optimization is about finding the right settings for thousands of parameters and for thousands of devices. If it was not enough, you have to dig into millions and millions of data just to understand which parameters and which settings to apply.

Today with the complexity of networks this task is simply impossible to realize without a software doing Automatic Optimization. This class of products is called Self-Optimizing Networks or Self Organizing Networks S.O.N

WPOTECH provides one the fastest solution on the market, equipped with a Machine Learning engine.

Operators Challenges

operating cost
operation time

Organization in Silos

Legacy infrastructure built with separate I.T, engineering and operations creates inflexible silos of specialized skills.

Cost & Complexity

Buying, deploying, managing and scaling mobile network infrastructure is expensive and time consuming.

No Time for improvement

Operations are time consuming. Quality suffers when engineers spends a majority of time dealing with operational issues.

Networks are now going into a transformation where telecommunications and IT will go through a fusion with virtualization and cloud technology. WPOTECH will be able to help customers thru this transformation, ensuring that optimization and communication quality still get delivered

Why Optimization is important?

The Tip of the iceberg

Reducing optimization cost w/out wpotech software

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Companies are often facing the challenges of having to further reduce their cost. Operators always have big operating cost and could be tempted to slash optimization cost for instance.

Cellular Operators large and small struggle to get good return on investment coming from optimization, and sometimes the compromise of keeping this activity a priority seems too expensive, compared to marketing or advertising campaign expenses. In fact, in today's competitive market this is certainly a false good idea. Bad optimization always results in quality of communications degradation which sooner rather than later translate into loss of revenues through churn increase and customer base shrinking

You now have a great alternative in terms of ROI (return on investment), with our products. Either multiple your team power with our optimSuite or our 24/7 Automatic Optimization S.O.N product.

The Data storm

There are now more mobile connections to the Internet than from PC's

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There is an explosion of the volume of data carried through mobile networks, due to a large part by the popularity and success of smartphones and tablets.This is a worldwide phenomenon quickly named "Data Storm" a terminology that describes accurately how much a huge problem this is for mobile networks.

The Data Storm is largely due to the huge increase in the use of social networking apps which generates volumes of data

Today the challenge is to be able to address this issue without big investment in infrastructures, and preserving revenues, that's where WPOTECH solutions can help.

How long before it's too late?

or how much time do you have before your competitor propose:

  • unlimited or free whatever?

short answer: not much

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Data Storm is one thing but what about your competitors? Mobile carriers are facing serious competition. Consumers are pushing to get better data quality and higher throughput. Be able to offer this could provide your company the leading edge.

WPOTECH solutions are your perfect allies in this battle. It is not about if your competition will react but about when.

The clock is ticking. Whether it's Competitors or Data Storm, you have to react quickly, efficiently. We can help. Contact us

How optimization is done today?

Increasing OPEX, Consulting or Outsourcing

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Some companies find difficult to see optimization value. ROI could appear to be long-lasting. It can require a lot of human resources and it's time-consuming. One of the first approach operators usually have, is to manage the size of engineering teams whether through OPEX, consulting or outsourcing, or vice versa.

Some operators cannot even invest in optimization. But when it's done, for sure it involves different size of teams of engineers or experts. Some company even use managed services from big telco vendors, most of the time for the same hardware they also provided. Which could be difficult to manage and independently evaluate.

In any case, it is difficult for any humans to handle the complexity of today's networks and to do it 24/7. At WPOTECH we have a solution for any approach you choose semi-automatic or fully automatic.

A paradigm shift

The benefits of this new technology

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In the 1950's, a big US telephone carrier start to wonder, with their rate of growth at the time, how much switchboard operators would be required, at the end of the decade.

It turns out that by the 1960's almost half of U.S women would have to be employed by that carrier. The invention of the transistor actually solved that problem, but this illustrate the kind of big issues telecom carriers businesses could face.

The invention of the transistor brings a paradigm shift in telecommunication at that time. Today this is exactly the same kind of paradigm shift that carriers are facing again but this time for optimization. WPOTECH is there to help your company to the transition smoothly from semi-automatic to full automatic optimization.


or how big companies always try to kill innovation, whatever they say

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The story goes that Alexander Graham Bell try to sell his patent for his new invention the telephone to a Telegraph company which was the biggest player in telecommunication at the time. The idea being to reuse the cables to transport voice thanks to this new invention. Seems pretty reasonable, isn't it? Here their alleged answer: “The Telephone purports to transmit the speaking voice over telegraph wires. We found that the voice is very weak and indistinct, and grows even weaker when long wires are used between the transmitter and receiver. Technically, we do not see that this device will be ever capable of sending recognizable speech over a distance of several miles.”

That's the paradox with innovation. It always looks like it will never work. Whether this account of the story is accurate or not, one thing is sure, this Telegraph company never went with the telephone. Today this company is no longer in telecommunication business. You could very well be in the same position : you could miss a very important technological turn, that could quickly threatened your business.

We made the case that you should try our product. History has proven that not all companies has to suffer the fate of a technological paradigm miss. Be one of the wise. Wpotech will be at your side to help drive the change smoothly and make you ready for the challenges of 21st century networks.



Wpo Son

15 mn analysis & Resolution

powered by Machine Learning

Automatic Neighbor List

Load Balancing

Automatic Parameter Optimization

Wpo Optim Suite

visualize any counters, parameters, configuration

powered by Machine Learning

Dynamic maps

Interactive graphics

Automatic diagnostic

Fully Automatic 24/7

Benefit the full automatic optimization 24/7 with our Self Optimizing product. Running on VM in Datacenter or in the Cloud, among the fastest on the market, with 15 mn analysis and resolution.

You can multiply your optimization team power or improve your network efficiency without a dedicated team.

Add the optimization Suite to fully equipped your optimization engineers for deep investigation in quality issues


Transition smoothly with this great tool which includes an automatic diagnostic machine learning based

Multiply your optimization team power and clear some time from daily operations to quality issues investigation.

Don't have a dedicated team for optimization? You can start to build one thanks to our automatic diagnostic feature that can bring your network optimization to a great level without expensive consultants


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Eagle OptimSuite 3.2

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- Advanced graphics and mapping

- Intuitive interface, fast and fluid, Web dashboard optional

- Interface compatible with S.O.N

- Automatic diagnostic

- Data Visualization

Self Optimizing Networks

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Wolf Automatic Optim 2.7

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- Web interface and dashboard

- Live map and charts

- Control ANR, LB, APO, black & white list

- 15 mn analysis ans resolution

- Machine learning


Software Technologies

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At WPOTECH, innovation is not just a buzz word, big data or machine learning is not just hype. We are not consultants. We are building real products COTS (commercial off the shelf). We then adapt and set this high technology product to your environment and your specificity.

Our designers uses the latest software technologies to ensure that you always have the best in our products. Our API's are designed to be open enough so we can add specific customized features, if needed. Our softwares are built with in-house developers and are designed to use 100% of your hardware CPU and memory capabilities. Designed right from the beginning.

We take care of our customers and we listen. As a customer, you will have dedicated project managers that interfaces with our internal R&D and support teams to make sure we answer 100% of your inquiries.

Our solutions benefits

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(1) Free operations time with wpotech products : semi-automatic for deep quality analysis and automatic for repetitive basic tasks, huge data processing, time consuming tasks

(2) Brake the silos : either you have an existing program to brake the silos (smoothly!) and transition to be ready for 5G or we can help you to get there.

(3) Control infrastructure cost: wpotech products help reduce CAPEX and infrastructure by increasing network efficiency. Get your infrastructure investment gradually and controlled despite the data storm effect.

(4) Improve operations efficiency: wpotech help increase operations efficiency and re-organize engineering operations

Operators & Cellular Carriers

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WPOTECH is specialized in Optimization Solutions for cellular operators.

Our products are compatible with many OSS vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, legacy Alcatel-Lucent

Private Cellular Networks

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Whether for private, government or military networks very often, private cellular networks operators does not have optimization dedicated team.

WPOTECH line of product could be used as is or with customized features to fill this void.

I.T & Core Network

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WPOTECH can provide solutions for automatic optimization for the Core Network or I.T networks.

Contact us for more informations

Government & Defense

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WPOTECH can provide solutions for:

- Government Solutions: Disaster Relief & Border Surveillance Networks Systems

- Defense Solution: Networks Systems for Warfare

Contact us for more informations


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This is coming fast and will bring profound changes in telecommunications. Virtualization will move many telecommunications nodes in datacenters and at the same time will also have many functions virtualized as softwares.

Starting with 5G, the telecommunication expertise and I.T expertise will no longer be separated, and companies will have to brake the silos meaning re-orgamize their operations.

WPOTECH products are 5G ready and will be an important actor for the 5G networks by controlling and managing VM (Virtual Machine) resources in the datacenter. Optimization will be at the center of this system.

Cloud solutions

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WPOTECH offer cloud solutions (private cloud) to host networks control data along with WPOTECH products.It could be interesting for some customers for different reasons like bypass I.T silos, or simply to get rid of hassles to get a dedicated datacenter in-house, to have their entire optimization activity safely in a private cloud managed by WPOTECH.

There is multiple benefits for instance in terms of data loss, natural disasters, integration time, reduction of operating costs.

Contact us for more informations about cloud integration

Predictive Maintenance

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WPOTECH can provide a solution to detect anomalies before they really become fault or network outage.

Our software is able to provide this information before alarms are triggered through OSS FM system or by recognizing certain alarms patterns and generate trouble tickets through your TT system.

Our products are compatible with many OSS vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, legacy Alcatel-Lucent

Contact us for more informations about predictive maintenance


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Our product prices are usually customized to your network size depending on the number of cells processed. We charged annual license fee including support and training. Perpetual licensing is available.

We recommend to have both semi-automatic and automatic product for a full coverage of all optimization activities.

WPOTECH products can pay for themselves for as little as 3 months depending on the case.


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Our mission

WPOTECH makes time-consuming quality improvement job seamless, elevating operators to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

WPOTECH is specialized in Self Optimizing Networks technologies for cellular networks.

Our products are compatible with many OSS vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, legacy Alcatel-Lucent

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About us

We're a team with engineering backgrounds and others as well.

We have a passion for our company and innovation. There is a can-do attitude at wpotech and a real commitment to find solutions that works.

Our goals are to provide new and innovative solutions for the wireless communications industry.

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Our story

A couple of years ago, some of our engineers and founders realized it would be increasingly difficult to control networks and communications quality. We also discovered it could be matched by using new cognitive algorithms, like machine learning. Networks were simply about to become too complex as well as producing too much data for any team of engineers to manage. So we understood that networks will be gradually controlled and optimized automatically using software solutions.

Wpotech offers one of the best solution available, ready for 5G and virtualization. We offer a real 15mn analysis and resolution unlike most of other solutions on the market

Our products runs in the cloud (private) or in datacenters controlling networks and communications quality for our customers worldwide



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